Fulcrum Toolkit Work Items


This document is the master “to do” list for work items. It is not meant to convey a promise of features, or function as a schedule.

Planned Changes

These are the changes which are planned to be made for each assembly.


These work items are for the code base as a whole.


  • XML comment the GenerationUnit/DataContest classes


  • Address TODO comments in code
  • Add Silverlight support


  • Get generated code to compile w/o warnings
  • Wire up Company/Copyright fields

Unit Tests

  • Finish ControlGenerator unit tests
  • Add Fulcrum unit tests

Future Ideas

This section contains possible ideas to do in the future.


  • Get FxCop/StyleCop in place for all the code
  • Compile everything w/ warning level 4 & warnings as errors
  • Measure code coverage and see about unit test enhancements
  • Enable a single, shared, XML file for WeakEventManager/ControlGenerator/ViewModelGenerator
  • Add code to write XML files for WeakEventManager/ControlGenerator/ViewModelGenerator
  • GUI to specify WeakEventManager/ControlGenerator/ViewModelGenerator settings


  • Build in support for different target languages – perhaps find t4 file based on scheme like .NET resource assembly searching


  • Handle todos
  • Proxy static methods
  • Add options to add classes which aren’t DispatcherObject

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